Lucas Valor | Rugaru | 16 | Sophomore | FC: Harry Styles | OPEN

Like all Rugaru’s, Lucas has a craving for human flesh. It’s his second year at the academy and he has been learning to control his urges more and more. He’s a carefree guy and befriends people quickly. He likes a good party and enjoys making people laugh. You would never guess that  under all that charm is a carnivorous flesh-eater. 

Lucas’s parents divorced when he was young, leaving him to take care of his sickly mother and younger sisters. He didn’t think that going to the academy would help anyone and he insisted on staying at home. However, his mother pleaded with him and he finally gave in.     He wasn’t used to the strict rules, but he found the classes interesting. It turned out that he didn’t know basically anything when it came to his kind.

He doesn’t like that the humans won’t accept him as their equal, but he doesn’t hate them either. He understands the fear that they have because they’re different. All he wants is peace. 


Damian Antony | Fairy | 17 | Junior | FC: Louis Tomlinson | OPEN

Being a fairy, Damian is naturally rude and arrogant. He has no censor when it comes to his words, so most everything he says is offensive. Feelings are never spared, and he often gets whatever he wants. It isn’t handed to him(although he wishes it was), because he pays attention to every detail in order to ensure it all falls into place. Many would classify this as OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 

From a young age, Damian had always struggled with his personal identity. This created tension with his family, causing them to ship him away to the academy. They hoped he would ‘Straighten out,’  but there was no such luck. He dropped all contact, and dedicated most of his time to himself. He’s self-centered, and not a school favorite. He does not mind it, either. Although, he does consider to himself to be rather ‘popular.’ Being an extrovert doesn’t help, either. His thoughts seem to flow better when he’s speaking, so he never really stops. 


Demetri Castor | Vampire | 17 | Junior | FC: Hunter Parrish | OPEN

Demetri is utterly confused. Even with his heightened senses as a vampire, he never knows what’s going on around him. It’s not that he’s unintelligent, because he can be very smart in certain topics, he’s just unaware. He spaces out a lot; in class, during meals, occasionally even during conversations. It irritates most of the other students, but his close friends shrug his odd behavior off. Nobody is really sure of where it originated. There weren’t any tragic events in his home while growing up. It’s just the way he is. 

Demetri was bitten by a vampire when he was only ten years old. Never having to deal with this sort of thing before,—being as they were both mortals—his parents couldn’t quite understand what they were supposed to do, but they tried their best to make sure he was never treated any differently. When he was fourteen, he left to find the academy. He didn’t want to be a burden for his parents any longer. They begged for him to stay, saying things like, “We’ll work it out,” “We’ll get through this,” and “We won’t let this define us.” As if it was about them! Despite being frustrated and wishing to drop all contact, he still keeps in touch with them. He writes them letters and updates them on his life, mostly leaving out events that could provoke questioning, or telling white lies to keep from seeming suspiciously boring. Overall, he loves being at the academy and wishes to call no other place home—As if he could. 


Zeke Christopher | Wendigo | 15 | Sophomore | FC: Zayn Malik |OPEN

Zeke hardly remembers being human, considering that it was so long ago. Hell, if it weren’t for what he was, he wouldn’t even think he had been human in the first place. But how could he forget the first time he consumed another human? His own brother? It’s not like he really had a choice, they were lost and starving. His brother was just so small, so weak. He wasn’t able to stop after that though. Once he regained his strength, human meat was all that would satisfy his hunger. Nobody knows; No one would understand. He disappeared from his home for weeks at a time, unable to face the reality of what his life had become. His parents wouldn’t stop the questioning. He just wanted out. He needed out. 

The change affected Zeke greatly, as it should. He’s detached from the world. He simply doesn’t care about anything, not even himself. It wouldn’t matter if he was told that his life was to end tomorrow. He would count the hours; the minutes; the seconds. He was forced into the academy for his own protection, but he didn’t want it. He thought himself an abomination. He would take his own life without hesitation if provided the opportunity. He treats the other students with such neutrality that no one really knows if he even has emotions. He speaks with a soft voice, but only when he has something important to say. Most have never even heard him speak. 


Parmenia Sprout | Ghost | 14 | Freshman | FC: Amandla Stenberg |OPEN 

The name Parmenia means “intelligent”, and that’s exactly what she is. When she was alive, she was tutored by the most learned philosophers in her kingdom. Yes, kingdom. She was the daughter of a Duke and, therefore, very valuable. Value was her downfall, in the end. A group of men who despised her father captured Parmenia and killed her in an act of spite and jealousy. Wanting to make a statement, they took her in the night, and carried her to the woods just outside the walls of what she had always called home. Her body was found by her father on one of his early morning walks, and no expense was spared for her funeral. The kingdom mourned for weeks, unable to deal with the loss of such a young life. 

Parmenia wandered endlessly for days before stumbling upon Pupille de la Mort. The Headmistress welcomed her with open arms, and was glad to receive such a prestigious individual. At the academy, she helps the professors. History teachers come to her for validation of certain facts that were recently discovered. She’s adored by everyone on campus, as they find her intriguing and kind—the true daughter of the Duke. Though, there are a few people who hate her; they are jealous of the amount of love and attention she receives from the student body. This doesn’t affect her. She believes all are equal and intelligent with their own privilege to earn respect. Parmenia is kind, considerate, and acts responsibly; It’s simply in her nature to be courteous and polite—giving everyone a chance, ignoring whether or not they truly deserve it. 


Adrian Myles | Rugaru | 17 | Junior | FC: Nicholas Hoult | OPEN

No matter what, Adrian is always stoned. He doesn’t know how to be anything else. There is no other way to cope with what he is. Though, nobody could begin to understand. If he isn’t high, he isn’t happy. The drawers in his room are filled with a range of narcotics, from minor weed to LSD. The Headmistress has warned him numerous times about his addictions, but he doesn’t care. It’s not like he’s human—he won’t die of an overdose, but he wouldn’t mind that, either. No one really knows where he gets his supply from, and they don’t really care. He’s the go-to guy on campus when you need your fix. Still, somehow, he always has enough to get himself through the day. 

Adrian is really chill and unless you touch his stash, that’s how he’ll always be. It’s not a problem to share, as long as you have the cash, but if you mess with something you’re not supposed to, he’ll flip. He doesn’t care about school or how the humans see him; it is as if the only thing of importance is his supply. From time to time someone has to force him to eat and shower and just take care of himself, which is worrisome for his friends. Although, someone has to do it. His parents were extremely strict when he lived with them, causing him to act out and do everything they told him not to. That’s how his addition started. His parents disowned him when they found out, sending him stumbling toward the academy. 


James Sullivan | Psychic | 15 | Freshman | FC: Niall Horan | OPEN

James enjoys flaunting the fact that he’s a psychic. He thinks it is the coolest thing in the world, and toys with others as often as he can. He’ll snoop into their personal thoughts with no regard towards their feelings, as long as it provokes a good reaction, or laugh, from everyone else. It may have never occurred to him that it would annoy the other students, but it does—it really does. But that’s their problem; he’s just looking for some recognition for his ‘Fantastic’ abilities.He’s a bit arrogant, and it is near impossible for him to stop talking. Of course, he’s a freshman, so this much is to be expected—Along with flirting with the upperclassmen and missing the hint that they’re not interested. What he needs, more than anything, is for someone to give him a reality check… A swift kick in the behind. 

James’ psychic abilities didn’t kick in until later in his life, so he isn’t completely used to having them yet. This is all the more reason to ‘Practice,’ or use his advantage all day, everyday, without halt. His parents had originally worried that something was wrong with him, and they were afraid he would be treated differently by the other kids, especially the more experienced psychics. On his thirteenth birthday, he read his first mind; it was only his mother’s, dealing with deciding what she would be cooking for dinner, but he was so ecstatic that he told everyone he knew. He felt like a superhero. His parents were relieved with the acceptance from his peers, and made a note to send him to Pupille de la Mort Academy when he came of age. 


Sally Henry | 20 | werewolf | Ashley Rickards | OPEN

  • Hates being a werewolf more than anything.
  • Ran away from home when she was changed.
  • Has been a werewolf for a few years.
  • Misses her parents but is terrified of hurting them.
  • Joined Cassandra’s pack to be protected.
  • Wants to live a normal life.
  • Makes friends easily, but has been pushing people away.
  • Sarcastic.
  • Has been living in the cellar she changes in.
  • Grew up in a good home with a good family that loved and cared about her.
  • Knows her family is looking for her, but can’t bring herself to leave New York.
  • Sister of Dominique Henry.


Nathan Redwood | 20 | warlock | Ian Somerhalder | OPEN

  • Loves his little sister, Bridget Redwood, more than anything in the world.
  • Very sarcastic and rude to other people.
  • Has a hard time making friends because of the quick judgments he makes.
  • Always picks the wrong kind of girl, and has had his heart broken more times than he can count.
  • Very confident.  Says he does not need magic to charm people.
  • Passed school on his good looks and sweet smile.
  • Beats himself up over small things.
  • Has never been in a lasting relationship.
  • Is a bit of a party animal and likes to drink and cut loose.
  • Cannot stand vampires.


Frankie Wade | 17 | werewolf | Freddie Highmore | OPEN

  • Was changed a year ago and has remained rogue.
  • Very curious and inquisitive.
  • Lives with his grandmother, Genevieve Wade, who is worried about how he has not grown in the past year.
  • Has already gotten used to the painful changes and is interested in learning more about werewolves and how he might be able to control the wolf.
  • Is ignoring his school studies for his werewolf studies.
  • Is a photographer and wants to make videos and be a director.
  • Lost his parents to a car accident.
  • Has a cat that’s been avoiding him since he became a werewolf.
  • Very strong willed and independent.
  • Sneaks out from his house often.
  • Cares a lot about his grandmother, and does not like keeping secrets from her.
  • Was a warlock before becoming a werewolf.
  • Wonders whether his family can tell he has changed.
  • Friends with Michael Linder