Iris Lowe | Fairy | 16 | Junior | FC: Michelle Trachtenburg | OPEN

Iris is the most spiteful girl at the academy. If she doesn’t like you, she will make your life a living hell. She’s fake and feels superior to everyone. The only “friends” she has are people just like her. Revenge is right up her alley; she’ll help you get it for the right price. She doesn’t tolerate stupidity and she’ll do anything to get what she wants.

Iris was “Daddy’s little girl” when she was still living with her parents. She fought with her mom constantly and lied her way into her father’s heart. To him she was innocent and naive, but as soon as she was out of his sight, she returned to being Satan’s Prodigy. She feels like she deserves the universe and becomes frustrated when she doesn’t receive it. Some students go out of their way to avoid her, but others aren’t afraid to break her face. They’re simply waiting for her to pick a fight with them. 


James Sullivan | Psychic | 15 | Freshman | FC: Niall Horan | OPEN

James enjoys flaunting the fact that he’s a psychic. He thinks it is the coolest thing in the world, and toys with others as often as he can. He’ll snoop into their personal thoughts with no regard towards their feelings, as long as it provokes a good reaction, or laugh, from everyone else. It may have never occurred to him that it would annoy the other students, but it does—it really does. But that’s their problem; he’s just looking for some recognition for his ‘Fantastic’ abilities.He’s a bit arrogant, and it is near impossible for him to stop talking. Of course, he’s a freshman, so this much is to be expected—Along with flirting with the upperclassmen and missing the hint that they’re not interested. What he needs, more than anything, is for someone to give him a reality check… A swift kick in the behind. 

James’ psychic abilities didn’t kick in until later in his life, so he isn’t completely used to having them yet. This is all the more reason to ‘Practice,’ or use his advantage all day, everyday, without halt. His parents had originally worried that something was wrong with him, and they were afraid he would be treated differently by the other kids, especially the more experienced psychics. On his thirteenth birthday, he read his first mind; it was only his mother’s, dealing with deciding what she would be cooking for dinner, but he was so ecstatic that he told everyone he knew. He felt like a superhero. His parents were relieved with the acceptance from his peers, and made a note to send him to Pupille de la Mort Academy when he came of age.