Sophie Anne | Psychic | 18 | Senior | FC: Karen Gillan | OPEN

Sophie is your stereotypical snob. She comes from a rich and prominent family. Having no special abilities themselves, her parents had no idea what was going on with her. She was able to read and influence thoughts from a very young age. So to hide her from the outside world and to preserve their family name, they sent her away. Adjusting to life roaming the outskirts of England, Sophie learned to depend on no one other than herself. 

She stumbled upon the academy at the age of sixteen, discovering how to harness and control her mind. She bonded with other psychics around campus and established herself an entourage. Sophie has a superiority complex because of her family and enforces her “Rank” as often as she possibly can. She dislikes the challenges but still attempts to gain points with the Headmistress by acting a model student. She has more enemies than friends, but that won’t stop her from getting her way and sliding into your business. 


Keira Sashka | Siren | 18 | Senior | FC: Amber Heard | OPEN

Originally from Russia, Keira had a simple life. She lived with her grandfather, and he gave her all she could ever need—all her parents could never provide. She could leave whenever she wanted, go wherever she pleased, and come back to the house at whatever time best fit her personal preference. Her grandfather never questioned her, either. He understood that it was better if he didn’t know what she was doing. She had it all, and wouldn’t change a thing. 

Except, maybe, the part where she fancied seducing and killing all of her boyfriends for pleasure. It started with her first “Real” relationship at twelve years old, and quickly progressed from there. Keira was careful, of course, and only selected the worse-off kids who had nothing going for them. They weren’t missed, and the parents never asked where their delinquent sons had run off to. It was a flawless system. Until her grandfather discovered her journal of names, addresses, and even a schedule. He was old; Understanding was past being one of his main concerns. She did not want to attempt explanation, either. She left in the middle of her junior year—her bags practically packed themselves. Then, she was off to find the academy. 


Persephone Lynn|Witch|16|Sophomore|FC: Taylor Momsen(GG Era)|OPEN

Persephone grew up in the political world. With her father being a politician, he was too busy to notice that his wife and daughter weren’t human. Of course, she was fine with that because then there were less factors getting between them. It wasn’t a concern of hers, ever. She wouldn’t have to deal with explanations and excuses, or hiding what she was. He never discovered it, and he never will. This wasn’t as simple as it could be if there were more people around, though. She lived in a small town with a population of precisely 10,521. With absolutely nothing for her there, she left to the academy to not only further her education, but to add something new to her life.

Persephone is outgoing. She loves doing her best and earning her own way in life, since her father demonstrated it when she was young. Although it is as if there is a wall between them, she still wants to follow in his footsteps—Not in terms of politics, but overall success. She tries hard with everything she attempts, and when she fails, it crushes her deeply. She becomes depressed and doesn’t have energy for days. Her roommate doesn’t even see her. Though, when she finally gets herself together, she’s revitalized and working as hard as ever. She’s always striving for success and perfection.


Parmenia Sprout | Ghost | 14 | Freshman | FC: Amandla Stenberg |OPEN 

The name Parmenia means “intelligent”, and that’s exactly what she is. When she was alive, she was tutored by the most learned philosophers in her kingdom. Yes, kingdom. She was the daughter of a Duke and, therefore, very valuable. Value was her downfall, in the end. A group of men who despised her father captured Parmenia and killed her in an act of spite and jealousy. Wanting to make a statement, they took her in the night, and carried her to the woods just outside the walls of what she had always called home. Her body was found by her father on one of his early morning walks, and no expense was spared for her funeral. The kingdom mourned for weeks, unable to deal with the loss of such a young life. 

Parmenia wandered endlessly for days before stumbling upon Pupille de la Mort. The Headmistress welcomed her with open arms, and was glad to receive such a prestigious individual. At the academy, she helps the professors. History teachers come to her for validation of certain facts that were recently discovered. She’s adored by everyone on campus, as they find her intriguing and kind—the true daughter of the Duke. Though, there are a few people who hate her; they are jealous of the amount of love and attention she receives from the student body. This doesn’t affect her. She believes all are equal and intelligent with their own privilege to earn respect. Parmenia is kind, considerate, and acts responsibly; It’s simply in her nature to be courteous and polite—giving everyone a chance, ignoring whether or not they truly deserve it. 


Iris Lowe | Fairy | 16 | Junior | FC: Michelle Trachtenburg | OPEN

Iris is the most spiteful girl at the academy. If she doesn’t like you, she will make your life a living hell. She’s fake and feels superior to everyone. The only “friends” she has are people just like her. Revenge is right up her alley; she’ll help you get it for the right price. She doesn’t tolerate stupidity and she’ll do anything to get what she wants.

Iris was “Daddy’s little girl” when she was still living with her parents. She fought with her mom constantly and lied her way into her father’s heart. To him she was innocent and naive, but as soon as she was out of his sight, she returned to being Satan’s Prodigy. She feels like she deserves the universe and becomes frustrated when she doesn’t receive it. Some students go out of their way to avoid her, but others aren’t afraid to break her face. They’re simply waiting for her to pick a fight with them. 


Clara Leigh | Human | 15 | Freshman | FC: AnnaSophia Robb| OPEN

Clara used to be a free spirit—always outgoing, and striving to reach her dreams. She couldn’t help it; her parents had raised her that way. Up until she turned twelve years old, there was nothing to hold her back. She knew what she wanted, and there was always a way to get it—no matter what. But hormones cut in, as they always do, and quickly she was losing sight of reality. Her parents didn’t know what to do. This wasn’t the girl they were used to. She put on a facade of happiness, while inside she was raging. There were so many things to battle: society, the media, religion… Her sexuality. However, being raised in a heavily religious area, this was against everyone’s beliefs and personal comfort. There was no way for her to reach out for help and understanding. She hid it all from her parents. They didn’t need to know. 

With time, Clara became a compulsive liar. It didn’t matter what the issue was. Along with this, a smile practically never leaves her face. It was a coping mechanism growing up, because it was the only way she could really keep herself from crying in front of her parents, and to prevent further questioning. They were always so curious—too curious for her tastes. She heard about a new place for socially unacceptable kids from someone online. Without much investigation, she set off thirty miles East towards Pupille de la Mort Academy. Soon, she would discover that fitting in there was more difficult than anywhere, at least, for someone like her. Every once in a while, she will take up a new identity. Her first day, lycan. Three weeks later, ghost. She hardly knew anything about any of them, but it was a great way to spice up her dull, sheltered life… In her opinion, that is. 


Susan Barker | 18 | Witch | Lily Loveless | OPEN

  • Lives with Angie Cruz and Roseanne Matthews.
  • Was kicked out of her home when her mother found out that she was dating a vampire.
  • Was left by her boyfriend not long after she moved in with Roseanne.
  • Not sure Roseanne is entirely sane.
  • Usually a very talented witch, but has trouble using magic under pressure.
  • Somewhat awkward and unsure of herself.
  • Friends with Maegan Cellar and tends to be more easy going around her.
  • Is a senior at her high school and does well in school.
  • Does not like breaking rules, but will if she finds them stupid or unfair.
  • Very independent.
  • Does not need other people to make her happy.
  • Secretly very brave, she does not even realize the extent of her courage.


Rachael Vikas | 19 | Monster Hunter/Diluted witch | Jennifer Lawrence | OPEN

  • Used to train under Tabitha Brennan.
  • Found out about monsters when she suffered a vampire attack.
  • Her family has no idea she spends her nights hunting.
  • Has never had a real conversation with a monster.
  • Feels like it’s her duty to rid the world of monsters for her sister.
  • Has telekinesis that she has yet to unlock.
  • Has trouble identifying monsters.
  • Is an intern at a small magazine printing company.
  • Has never had a boyfriend.
  • Often wishes she had more time to be ‘normal.’
  • A very friendly person who enjoys making people laugh.
  • Tends to use corny jokes often.


Tawny Saxe | 46 | Human | Helena Bonham Carter | OPEN

  • Believes in aliens ever since she saw a siren sucking the soul out of a human.
  • Thinks she may be going crazy, but cannot bring herself to care.
  • Most humans think she is a freak, but monsters often find her charming.
  • Lives alone in an old creepy house sitting in the midst of the city.
  • Likes to work with her hands and does a lot of needlework.
  • Considering buying a cat to keep her company in her big house.
  • Enjoys meeting new people and spends a lot of her time wandering the city.
  • Very innocent and naïve despite her age.
  • A daydreamer who acts a lot like a child.
  • Never lets an opportunity go wasted.
  • Is very open to trying new things.