X-men Legacy #266

Art by Rafa Sandoval

I just have to state my love for this cover. It´s DIRTY.

She-Hulks muscles are amazing and awesomely coloured, her hair is amazing as well and she still looks very feminim and pretty and OH LORD how Rogue just pulls her hair and her expression leave me stunned.


Sally Henry | 20 | werewolf | Ashley Rickards | OPEN

  • Hates being a werewolf more than anything.
  • Ran away from home when she was changed.
  • Has been a werewolf for a few years.
  • Misses her parents but is terrified of hurting them.
  • Joined Cassandra’s pack to be protected.
  • Wants to live a normal life.
  • Makes friends easily, but has been pushing people away.
  • Sarcastic.
  • Has been living in the cellar she changes in.
  • Grew up in a good home with a good family that loved and cared about her.
  • Knows her family is looking for her, but can’t bring herself to leave New York.
  • Sister of Dominique Henry.