Bridget Redwood | 18 | Witch | Phoebe Tonkin | OPEN

  • Is a senior in high school.
  • Is in the same circle that Susan Barker was.
  • Acts good in front of her authority figures, but is actually very mischievous.
  • Is intensely interested in darker magic.
  • Trying to find other witches and warlocks to join her circle so that they can perform for powerful spells.
  • Uses her magic to seduce boys, though she does not particularly need its help.
  • Uses her friends as pawns.
  • Holds nothing besides her older brother, Nathan Redwood, dear.
  • Daughter of Melody Redwood.
  • Does not get along with other girls well.
  • Heavily sarcastic, but good at heart.
  • Often threatens people, but would never physically harm them on purpose.