Loki in Thor + green

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Hey guys?

Heat Exhaustion Symptoms

  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Muscle cramps
  • Nausea
  • Pale skin
  • Profuse sweating
  • Sunken, dark eyes from dehydration

Do I need to remind you what he looked like during this entire scene?

He’s sweaty, his blood circulation isn’t working well due to vasoconstriction (namely, look at how pale his lips are,) and he’s got dark, sunken in eyes.  Now we’ve got a point in which he trips and almost falls for some inexplicable reason.  Well, let me ask you this.

How do you torture a frost giant?

With heat.

Whedon wouldn’t just put in clips like this for no reason.  He’s trying to show us something.  The Loki we see here in this scene is not a healthy Loki, it’s a Loki who is weak and pale and probably focused on just staying conscious—a Loki who has probably been tortured by Thanos into submission and then sent out to do his dirty work for him, that way Thanos will never get the blame.  Loki is just the puppet in the grand master scheme of things.  Thanos is using him.

The Loki we see in Thor is radically different from the Loki we see in The Avengers.  Sure, post-Thor, Loki is emotionally unstable, and maybe a little nuts, but he wasn’t a murderer.  The only reason he went after Jotunheim is because he was having identity issues.  Murder wasn’t something that was normal in his repertoire, yet we see him doing it frequently in The Avengers. The Loki we see at the end of Thor doesn’t want to live, let alone take over an entire realm that he had no interest in before. Something drastic must have happened between the two movies to have made Loki have such a huge character change. 

It’s said that Thanos caught/rescued Loki after he fell from the Bifrost.  Well, what did he do after that?  Thanos is known for having telepathic powers, and since he had to have caught Loki knowing who he was and how strong he was, he likely broke into Loki’s mind to find out all of his fears and weaknesses.  And once he found out all of Loki’s darkest secrets, it was easy to break him.  He and the Chitauri took the Loki we saw in Thor and tortured and corrupted him until he was warped into their own personal demigod, ready to do their bidding.  Why do you think Loki spouts off all these quotes about how “Freedom is life’s great lie,” and “In the end, you will always kneel”?  He’s projecting. 

So, when he trips?  That’s the aftershocks of torture.  That’s a Loki, weakened and struggling to stay upright, pushing forward through the pain because, otherwise? 

“You will long for something as sweet as pain.” 

He has to keep going because the alternative isn’t a question.

Reblogging this photoset again because OH MY WORD LOKI NO.

An interesting perspective on it… but I have to think that Thanos would have bartered with Loki, not tortured him. I know the torture route is very popular among the fandom, however I think him stumbling and just looking exhausted in general in this scene is from him using dark magic (aka the Tesseract) to get to Earth. 

Loki is not a fool. Honestly, I don’t even think Natasha got the better of him in that one scene. Every move that Loki makes is calculated. Loki and Thanos probably made a larger scheme- one that didn’t involve taking over Earth at all! Because what Thanos wants is the Infinity Gauntlet- and what’s in Odin’s vault?

Loki had to fabricate a scheme to take over Midgard. He does not want to be the ruler of Earth. He wants to rule Asgard- what use is Earth to him? So he goes full-scale, over dramatic, war to take over Earth. And when he “loses” and gets sent back to Asgard, that was NOT the look of someone who was defeated. Loki purposely lost to get back into Asgard, so he can take the Infinity Gauntlet for Thanos and then rule Asgard for himself.

This. Right here. All of this. Thank you both.

Speechless … O_O

Oh well and Comic!Loki just likes to fuck shit up.


Tom Hiddleston - The Avengers (Bloopers)

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“these guys come from legend, they’re basically gods”

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How does he do it



A pale, pasty faced, sweaty, greasy haired villain with daddy problems who is an awkward hysterical pathetic son of a bitch with under eye circles and a creepy grin.

And I think he’s hot.

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Asgard mourning over Loki.

Loki knows they didn’t mourn. Thor is the one person who cared about him.

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