Karen Gillan @ the “Not Another Happy Ending" Premiere (June 2013)

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Sophie Anne | Psychic | 18 | Senior | FC: Karen Gillan | OPEN

Sophie is your stereotypical snob. She comes from a rich and prominent family. Having no special abilities themselves, her parents had no idea what was going on with her. She was able to read and influence thoughts from a very young age. So to hide her from the outside world and to preserve their family name, they sent her away. Adjusting to life roaming the outskirts of England, Sophie learned to depend on no one other than herself. 

She stumbled upon the academy at the age of sixteen, discovering how to harness and control her mind. She bonded with other psychics around campus and established herself an entourage. Sophie has a superiority complex because of her family and enforces her “Rank” as often as she possibly can. She dislikes the challenges but still attempts to gain points with the Headmistress by acting a model student. She has more enemies than friends, but that won’t stop her from getting her way and sliding into your business. 


Adam Greene | Human | 17 | Junior | FC: Lucas Till | OPEN

Adam had a normal life. He was the fly-half of the school’s rugby team his freshman and sophomore years. He had lots of friends and was blissfully unaware of the other forms of life out in the world. When he was on vacation with his family in England the summer before his junior year, he decided to go for a walk out in the woods. He wasn’t particularly looking for anything, but what he stumbled across caused his entire perspective to change. What he found was Pupille de la Mort Academy. 

Intrigued, Adam entered the school and attended as a student, claiming to be a psychic. He was cautious; he knew that he would be punished severely for being there. He didn’t want to leave, though. He was so fascinated by this strange new understanding. Since he was so used to being loved throughout his school in America, it felt odd to him to be outranked. However, it was relatively easy for him to gain a small group of friends and establish himself in the academy. He’s athletic and enjoys being carefree. Like everyone, he gets annoyed, but he controls his temper because he knows that he wouldn’t win any sort of fight.  


Parmenia Sprout | Ghost | 14 | Freshman | FC: Amandla Stenberg |OPEN 

The name Parmenia means “intelligent”, and that’s exactly what she is. When she was alive, she was tutored by the most learned philosophers in her kingdom. Yes, kingdom. She was the daughter of a Duke and, therefore, very valuable. Value was her downfall, in the end. A group of men who despised her father captured Parmenia and killed her in an act of spite and jealousy. Wanting to make a statement, they took her in the night, and carried her to the woods just outside the walls of what she had always called home. Her body was found by her father on one of his early morning walks, and no expense was spared for her funeral. The kingdom mourned for weeks, unable to deal with the loss of such a young life. 

Parmenia wandered endlessly for days before stumbling upon Pupille de la Mort. The Headmistress welcomed her with open arms, and was glad to receive such a prestigious individual. At the academy, she helps the professors. History teachers come to her for validation of certain facts that were recently discovered. She’s adored by everyone on campus, as they find her intriguing and kind—the true daughter of the Duke. Though, there are a few people who hate her; they are jealous of the amount of love and attention she receives from the student body. This doesn’t affect her. She believes all are equal and intelligent with their own privilege to earn respect. Parmenia is kind, considerate, and acts responsibly; It’s simply in her nature to be courteous and polite—giving everyone a chance, ignoring whether or not they truly deserve it. 

flawless casts
↳ doctor who


Mitchell Brokle | 24 | Vampire | Karen Gillan | OPEN

Key Details

  • Had her fangs ripped out in a fight with another vampire over food.
  • Relatively new vampire.
  • Cannot feed off of humans because of her lack of fangs.
  • Works as an assistant to Dr. Wright after he adopted her into his home.
  • Dr. Wright supplies her with blood from the local blood bank.
  • Was changed by her ex-boyfriend, who went missing by the time she woke up from changing.
  • Thinks that something awful has happened to her boyfriend, but does not know where to look for him.
  • Did not like Dr. Wright at first and resented his help, but now she really cares about him.
  • Is very immature, but thinks that she is a lot smarter than she is.
  • Lives in one of the apartments in the abandoned apartment complex that Dr. Wright lives in.
  • Does not have many friends.