Tawny Saxe | 46 | Human | Helena Bonham Carter | OPEN

  • Believes in aliens ever since she saw a siren sucking the soul out of a human.
  • Thinks she may be going crazy, but cannot bring herself to care.
  • Most humans think she is a freak, but monsters often find her charming.
  • Lives alone in an old creepy house sitting in the midst of the city.
  • Likes to work with her hands and does a lot of needlework.
  • Considering buying a cat to keep her company in her big house.
  • Enjoys meeting new people and spends a lot of her time wandering the city.
  • Very innocent and naïve despite her age.
  • A daydreamer who acts a lot like a child.
  • Never lets an opportunity go wasted.
  • Is very open to trying new things.