Sophie Anne | Psychic | 18 | Senior | FC: Karen Gillan | OPEN

Sophie is your stereotypical snob. She comes from a rich and prominent family. Having no special abilities themselves, her parents had no idea what was going on with her. She was able to read and influence thoughts from a very young age. So to hide her from the outside world and to preserve their family name, they sent her away. Adjusting to life roaming the outskirts of England, Sophie learned to depend on no one other than herself. 

She stumbled upon the academy at the age of sixteen, discovering how to harness and control her mind. She bonded with other psychics around campus and established herself an entourage. Sophie has a superiority complex because of her family and enforces her “Rank” as often as she possibly can. She dislikes the challenges but still attempts to gain points with the Headmistress by acting a model student. She has more enemies than friends, but that won’t stop her from getting her way and sliding into your business. 


Simon Blake | Human | 18 | Senior | FC: Jay McGuiness | OPEN

Simon is an amazing actor. How else do you think it was so easy for him to sneak into such a high-security school? All he had to do was tell the administrators that he was a Wendigo. He had heard stories from his father before, so he had a basic understanding of the behavior and mannerisms, but up until now they were all just folk tales. It’s not like the administrators were going to make him prove it, anyway. He is extremely talented and deceptive; Making anyone believe anything is the simplest task. It’s not an issue, but it is definitely a habit—a skill, if you would. He has loads of friends who think they’re the only ones that Simon can’t trick, but they’re very wrong. None of them have any idea what he truly is. However, like everything, it will all come out in the end. 

Simon suffers from chronic depression, also known as Dysthymia. It eats away at his mind and it is rare that he ever feels good about himself.  Of course, since he is such a great actor, he is able to hide this from everyone else. The only time he lets his distress show through is when he’s alone. He cannot have the others notice his weakness, his pain—at least, not if he wanted to continue to claim to be a Wendigo. Although, sometimes he wishes that someone, anyone would notice the pain that he’s in. It’s a natural ache, or that’s what he tells himself, but he truly feels like it would be his downfall. Every time he fakes a smile or a laugh, he’s silently pleading for help, but no one notices—as they shouldn’t—and he’s left alone.  


Clara Leigh | Human | 15 | Freshman | FC: AnnaSophia Robb| OPEN

Clara used to be a free spirit—always outgoing, and striving to reach her dreams. She couldn’t help it; her parents had raised her that way. Up until she turned twelve years old, there was nothing to hold her back. She knew what she wanted, and there was always a way to get it—no matter what. But hormones cut in, as they always do, and quickly she was losing sight of reality. Her parents didn’t know what to do. This wasn’t the girl they were used to. She put on a facade of happiness, while inside she was raging. There were so many things to battle: society, the media, religion… Her sexuality. However, being raised in a heavily religious area, this was against everyone’s beliefs and personal comfort. There was no way for her to reach out for help and understanding. She hid it all from her parents. They didn’t need to know. 

With time, Clara became a compulsive liar. It didn’t matter what the issue was. Along with this, a smile practically never leaves her face. It was a coping mechanism growing up, because it was the only way she could really keep herself from crying in front of her parents, and to prevent further questioning. They were always so curious—too curious for her tastes. She heard about a new place for socially unacceptable kids from someone online. Without much investigation, she set off thirty miles East towards Pupille de la Mort Academy. Soon, she would discover that fitting in there was more difficult than anywhere, at least, for someone like her. Every once in a while, she will take up a new identity. Her first day, lycan. Three weeks later, ghost. She hardly knew anything about any of them, but it was a great way to spice up her dull, sheltered life… In her opinion, that is. 


Jessica Pillar | 1000+ | Demon | Nina Dobrev | OPEN

  • Extremely young demon.
  • Did not complete her training before entering the world.
  • Finds herself trying to influence innocent boys to do things they would not normally do without her powers.
  • Misses the underworld where it was warm and dry and hates the cool weather in New York.
  • Hates just about every animal.
  • Directly related to Caleb, but tries to avoid him at all costs.
  • Wants to rile the young demons together to cause a riot in the streets.
  • Enjoys breaking hearts and experiencing the jealousy and hate directed towards her.
  • Loves making people angry, especially people who are in authority.
  • Has never met a vampire she was fond of until meeting Kyle Donavan.