My Application for Pupille De La Mort Academy

"Daphne, come sit next to me!", a redhaired girl said across the room, waving cheerfully, patting on the big chair next to her. Melaina and a bunch of other girls sat in the back of the Theatre, half watching two of her male schoolmates play a game in co-op on the huge flatscreen, half chatting about easy topics. Today had started out as a happy day, the sun had woke her up right two minutes before her alert would have. Even her math homework, normally provoking severe headache, was at least a bit understandable today, which is why she was finished earlier with everything today and could go to the Theatre without any bad conscience. There surely were the common rooms to hang out, but the Theatre was her favourite, as she could meet both her girl and her male friends here, sit in comfy chairs to sink in and watch a movie in the evening.

Her roommate walked towards her slowly and really sat down on the place Melaina and pointed out to her, which made her smile even a bit wider. Today was such a good day, she almost felt like bursting from all the joy inside her. “We were just talking about the good weather we have since Sunday-“, Melaina started filling Daphne in and then stopped. Talking about the weather? Talking about the weather is typical smalltalk. Smalltalk is boring. Suddenly, it felt like the yellow balloon of happiness inside her was poked hart with a needle and bursted, letting all her guts violently fall down in her belly. Who just thought that? Or was that just something she remembered having heard some time ago? Was she… boring? Her hands started shaking a little and Melaina felt way too cold than she should in the well-temperatured room. She was boring. Her vision started to become blurry from the tears that started to dwell up and a thick lump appeared in her throat. Don´t cry, that´d be stupid, she thought loudly to herself. But what if she was boring? Hastly, the girl tried to look at her friends, tried to figure out how they looked- bored? But her eyes weren´t able to see clear anymore. Desperate, Melaina closed them shut, one tear escaping, concentrated on Daphne´s face and forced herself into her thoughts.

"Oh God, please not again."

For a second, there has never been more or louder noise in Melaina´s life, but then, slowly, the noise faded, until it was hard to hear. However, something else appeared, someone else. And then the shaking began, from her feet to her breath, everything started shaking, as she had been thrown in a pool of ice water. Her limps became stiff and Melaina felt dizzy, felt less and less. The other her was there again, she could feel her watching. The other her peacefully turned around, looking at the outside world and vanished. And then Melaina wasn´t anymore.

Pupille De La Mort Academy