Matthew Taylor | 58 | Siren | Logan Lerman | OPEN

Key Details

  • Matthew is the only boy in his family.
  • He is a water-siren and dwells in the bay.
  • As Matthew has gotten older, he has gotten more devil-may-care and has recently started a rut of delinquency.
  • Refuses to go back to high school, and spends most of his day time teasing and taunting the neighborhood.
  • Is very mischievous.
  • Is a charmer and a smooth talker who knows how to lure in his prey.
  • Does not have many guy friends because of how much time he spends with girls.
  • Not really sure how to interact with people on a deeper level because all he’s ever done is flirt with girls outside his family.
  • Is always looking for new people to tease and noticed Michael Linder may be a good target.
  • Is friends with Angie Cruz, but does not approve of her living with a vampire and a witch.
  • Gets violent when provoked.


Sally Henry | 20 | werewolf | Ashley Rickards | OPEN

  • Hates being a werewolf more than anything.
  • Ran away from home when she was changed.
  • Has been a werewolf for a few years.
  • Misses her parents but is terrified of hurting them.
  • Joined Cassandra’s pack to be protected.
  • Wants to live a normal life.
  • Makes friends easily, but has been pushing people away.
  • Sarcastic.
  • Has been living in the cellar she changes in.
  • Grew up in a good home with a good family that loved and cared about her.
  • Knows her family is looking for her, but can’t bring herself to leave New York.
  • Sister of Dominique Henry.


Tabitha Brennan | 44 | Monster hunter | Julia Roberts | OPEN

  • Alia Brennan’s mother.
  • Trained Rachael Vikas.
  • Has retired from being a monster hunter for the sake of her daughter.
  • Still grieves over the loss of her husband, who was a hunter killed in duty.
  • It was her husband’s death that convinced her to retire.
  • Still does not trust monsters when she sees them.
  • Still very strong in both mind and body.
  • Cannot imagine going back to hunting, but misses it sometimes.
  • Holds her daughter above everything else in the world.
  • Really hates Jordon Hewett and her daughter’s relationship with him.


Nathan Redwood | 20 | warlock | Ian Somerhalder | OPEN

  • Loves his little sister, Bridget Redwood, more than anything in the world.
  • Very sarcastic and rude to other people.
  • Has a hard time making friends because of the quick judgments he makes.
  • Always picks the wrong kind of girl, and has had his heart broken more times than he can count.
  • Very confident.  Says he does not need magic to charm people.
  • Passed school on his good looks and sweet smile.
  • Beats himself up over small things.
  • Has never been in a lasting relationship.
  • Is a bit of a party animal and likes to drink and cut loose.
  • Cannot stand vampires.


Everyone knows that only 40% of New York City’s population is human.  Well, at least 20% of the world knows.  There are still the unlucky many, most of whom are humans dwelling in their own blissful ignorance, that have no idea that there are monsters treading down the streets of Broadway.  There are even monsters who suffer their curses alone only because they think that they are the only ones cursed.  Of course, this is far from true.  Every night, the city swarms with night crawlers.  The clubs have sirens pulling in the weak of mind to steal their souls.  The witches sell their dark magic in their twisted shops and apothecaries.  Werewolves pace in cellars on full moons, attempting to cage their beasts, and vampires feed in the darkest of alleyways in the comfort of the knowledge that their victims will go unnoticed.  Though, there are some humans who realize that the world is full of beasts, and these rare few travel as monster hunters with one goal in mind.  They fight to avenge the souls of the forgotten.  Though do these hunters realize what they kill is far more than a mindless monster?  Many of these night creatures have attempted to blend into society, but they are targeted among the rest.  Mothers, brothers, and friends of every species lose their life only to become one more unsolved case.  Though, many humans still have no clue that every myth is true.  You may not notice that the man with the limp is hiding goat legs beneath his pants, or that the girl with the long hair has the pointed ears of a fairy.  Humans never notice.  Though, sometimes the night creatures dream that they would, and maybe one day…they will.






Jasmine Matthews | 36 | vampire | Lea Michele | OPEN

  • Changed by her mother, Roseanne Matthews, and locked in a cellar for ten years.
  • Extremely angry about being locked up.
  • Fiancé thought she had died, so he married someone else.
  • Never suspected that it would be her mother who would kill her.
  • Loved her mother back when she thought she was sane, now she wants to kill her.
  • Will do anything to get revenge.
  • Used to be very kind and sweet, and still can be.
  • Very confused and does not understand what happened to her.
  • Secretly more scared than angry.
  • Really wanted to have children, and is angry now that she cannot.
  • Drinks whatever blood she can get her hands on.


Lara Baranova | 202 | Vampire | Kate Beckinsale | OPEN

  • Was born in Russia to a poor family.
  • Changes her name with every new life, but keeps a Russian name to cling to her childhood.
  • Her entire family was killed by a vampire that kidnapped her and raised her as a slave.
  • Does not trust other vampires and tries to stay as human as possible.
  • Drinks animal blood and hunts other vampires to kill them.
  • Drinks the blood of her enemies.
  • Is searching for the vampire who killed her family.
  • Stuck in New York after she met a girl named Sara Dolohov that might be her late-brother’s great grandchild.
  • She wants to train her great niece to be a vampire hunter like herself.
  • Powerful, but kind.
  • Not afraid to get her hands dirty.


Douglas Arbol | 23 | Siren | Chris Colfer | OPEN

  • Best friends with Aric Price.
  • Lives with his abusive, human step-dad after both his parents passed away.
  • Still an optimist despite everything.
  • Likes to go swimming whenever he can.
  • Particularly shy with people that he does not know well.
  • Has great sense of humor.
  • A very young siren, but one of the few who still goes to high school despite already graduating.
  • Only goes to school because of his friends.
  • A romantic who dreams about being in love.
  • Thinks Aric might be gay and in love with Isaac Moore.
  • Was really close to his mom before she died.


Harold Weaver | 23 | Wizard | Daniel Radcliffe | OPEN

  • An oddity and shunned among his family.
  • Tends to go to Dr. Wright to be interviewed.
  • Has never felt like he belongs.
  • His mother taught him everything he knows, despite his aunts telling her not to.
  • Finds most of his friends in people who are not witches or warlocks.
  • Enjoys experimenting with magic.
  • Powerful for a wizard.
  • Introversive.
  • Really cares for other people.
  • Still lives with his mom and dad because he has not been able to find a job.


Lottie Reid | 23 | Human | Lyndsy Fonseca | OPEN

  • Is extremely smart.
  • Usually acts as if she does not care about her appearance, but is actually very girly and loves dressing up.
  • Is earning her degree in education and tailing Mr. Daniel Cornell in his English class.
  • Only reads non-fiction because she feels like some people spend too much time In their own realities.
  • Step-sister of Morgan Reid.
  • Wants to become a science teacher.
  • Grew up in a small town outside of New York City and went there to become a new person.
  • Extremely mad that her sister followed her to New York.
  • Broke up with her boyfriend to move to New York.
  • She enjoys her quiet apartment and being alone, but also enjoys being around other people.
  • Has never had a very high self esteem.