Damian Antony | Fairy | 17 | Junior | FC: Louis Tomlinson | OPEN

Being a fairy, Damian is naturally rude and arrogant. He has no censor when it comes to his words, so most everything he says is offensive. Feelings are never spared, and he often gets whatever he wants. It isn’t handed to him(although he wishes it was), because he pays attention to every detail in order to ensure it all falls into place. Many would classify this as OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 

From a young age, Damian had always struggled with his personal identity. This created tension with his family, causing them to ship him away to the academy. They hoped he would ‘Straighten out,’  but there was no such luck. He dropped all contact, and dedicated most of his time to himself. He’s self-centered, and not a school favorite. He does not mind it, either. Although, he does consider to himself to be rather ‘popular.’ Being an extrovert doesn’t help, either. His thoughts seem to flow better when he’s speaking, so he never really stops. 


Sophie Anne | Psychic | 18 | Senior | FC: Karen Gillan | OPEN

Sophie is your stereotypical snob. She comes from a rich and prominent family. Having no special abilities themselves, her parents had no idea what was going on with her. She was able to read and influence thoughts from a very young age. So to hide her from the outside world and to preserve their family name, they sent her away. Adjusting to life roaming the outskirts of England, Sophie learned to depend on no one other than herself. 

She stumbled upon the academy at the age of sixteen, discovering how to harness and control her mind. She bonded with other psychics around campus and established herself an entourage. Sophie has a superiority complex because of her family and enforces her “Rank” as often as she possibly can. She dislikes the challenges but still attempts to gain points with the Headmistress by acting a model student. She has more enemies than friends, but that won’t stop her from getting her way and sliding into your business. 


Keira Sashka | Siren | 18 | Senior | FC: Amber Heard | OPEN

Originally from Russia, Keira had a simple life. She lived with her grandfather, and he gave her all she could ever need—all her parents could never provide. She could leave whenever she wanted, go wherever she pleased, and come back to the house at whatever time best fit her personal preference. Her grandfather never questioned her, either. He understood that it was better if he didn’t know what she was doing. She had it all, and wouldn’t change a thing. 

Except, maybe, the part where she fancied seducing and killing all of her boyfriends for pleasure. It started with her first “Real” relationship at twelve years old, and quickly progressed from there. Keira was careful, of course, and only selected the worse-off kids who had nothing going for them. They weren’t missed, and the parents never asked where their delinquent sons had run off to. It was a flawless system. Until her grandfather discovered her journal of names, addresses, and even a schedule. He was old; Understanding was past being one of his main concerns. She did not want to attempt explanation, either. She left in the middle of her junior year—her bags practically packed themselves. Then, she was off to find the academy.