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Filming - May 9, 2012

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Day 2: Least Favorite Film


Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

A lot of you might find this offensive, but I really do hate the film. Not the hate that I curse the movie or something, but more of a drastic feeling. I saw the film before I read the book and that’s when I realized that it wasn’t really that good. At first, when I saw the film, I thought it was. Noticing the action packed film with great animation and actors not to mention the effects are really great, but the thing is; it isn’t that close to the book itself. There are a lot of characters that needed to be introduced and they haven’t done that, even some scenes that are needed weren’t in the film. They changed the entire movie, I could say that it wasn’t from the book itself. 

I should thank the film, though. If it wasn’t for the film, I wouldn’t know Logan Lerman. :”>

Good morning my love! And without this movie we maybe would have never met. NOOOO. But yeah, I disliked the movie, too, but more because they took the story of PJ and put it in the bin to replace it with some hollywood-weirdness. :(

Logan on The Three Musketeers Set

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Matthew Taylor | 58 | Siren | Logan Lerman | OPEN

Key Details

  • Matthew is the only boy in his family.
  • He is a water-siren and dwells in the bay.
  • As Matthew has gotten older, he has gotten more devil-may-care and has recently started a rut of delinquency.
  • Refuses to go back to high school, and spends most of his day time teasing and taunting the neighborhood.
  • Is very mischievous.
  • Is a charmer and a smooth talker who knows how to lure in his prey.
  • Does not have many guy friends because of how much time he spends with girls.
  • Not really sure how to interact with people on a deeper level because all he’s ever done is flirt with girls outside his family.
  • Is always looking for new people to tease and noticed Michael Linder may be a good target.
  • Is friends with Angie Cruz, but does not approve of her living with a vampire and a witch.
  • Gets violent when provoked.