Zeke Christopher | Wendigo | 15 | Sophomore | FC: Zayn Malik |OPEN

Zeke hardly remembers being human, considering that it was so long ago. Hell, if it weren’t for what he was, he wouldn’t even think he had been human in the first place. But how could he forget the first time he consumed another human? His own brother? It’s not like he really had a choice, they were lost and starving. His brother was just so small, so weak. He wasn’t able to stop after that though. Once he regained his strength, human meat was all that would satisfy his hunger. Nobody knows; No one would understand. He disappeared from his home for weeks at a time, unable to face the reality of what his life had become. His parents wouldn’t stop the questioning. He just wanted out. He needed out. 

The change affected Zeke greatly, as it should. He’s detached from the world. He simply doesn’t care about anything, not even himself. It wouldn’t matter if he was told that his life was to end tomorrow. He would count the hours; the minutes; the seconds. He was forced into the academy for his own protection, but he didn’t want it. He thought himself an abomination. He would take his own life without hesitation if provided the opportunity. He treats the other students with such neutrality that no one really knows if he even has emotions. He speaks with a soft voice, but only when he has something important to say. Most have never even heard him speak.