Claus Ladon| Lycan | 18 | Senior | FC: Alex Pettyfer | OPEN

Claus Ladon is your typical douchebag. Growing up, he was always with his father. His mother left when he was young, and honestly, he was glad to see her go. She was never around much, and their relationship was strained from the moment he was born. According to her, Claus was the reason that her marriage was failing. He prevented her from traveling the world. He made her drop out of high school, and become too lazy to get a GED. The poor boy wasn’t even two years old. Naturally, this caused him to cling to his father more. They were basically inseparable. However, without a mother, he was never taught how to be compassionate, or really how to care about anyone else at all. It was always just him and his father, pretending to be ‘Toughest’ around until everyone around them believed it. 

Claus doesn’t respect women. The only one who was supposed to stick with him through anything left before he was old enough to understand. There were no goodbyes. No apologies. So, with every girlfriend, he’d be with them for about two weeks and dump them when he got bored. No real goodbyes; no apologies. The way he saw it, he shouldn’t need to worry about people who were so… Temporary. He could do things nobody else could even fathom. His father was the only one who understood, though he had heard stories of his mother’s “Adventures.” However, the only person who really mattered was himself. Eventually, his father started to fade from the picture, too. So, in an effort to improve himself and learn more about his abilities, he left for the academy.